Demand driven website matching the information needs of future students

More than 800,000 students are enrolled at Dutch colleges and universities. And every year the number of people applying for higher education is growing. VU University Amsterdam, one of the largest universities in The Netherlands, designed a demand driven website that better matches the information needs of future students. Trendata provided real time insights into market demand and future students’ needs when it comes to choosing the perfect study and university.

VU Amsterdam gained insights into:

Market demand for all offered bachelor and master programs

  • A breakdown per study program; Which study is most in demand? How does the demand develop per study program and what did the trend line look like in the past 4 years?
  • In addition, all demand and information needs regarding the courses have been mapped out. For example, data showed active search for topics like future prospects, job guarantees and salary in relation to specific studies
  • VU Amsterdam translated the data into a demand-driven website based on the actual information needs of future students. The names of a number of master's studies have been changed, as they didn’t correspondent with the actual market demand.


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