Detailed insights into European fishing market result in greater sales effectiveness

Shimano is producing attractive products with a strong focus on cycling and fishing: the most popular outdoor sports worldwide. And while their products bring people closer to nature, they constantly thrive to stay ahead of their competitors. For that reason, Shimano Fishing contacted Trendata. Focusing on their European market they were looking for real time insights on their brand size, popularity, competitors and markets per country. Valuable market insights for their future sales strategy, but also to get more grip on their marketing budgets and effectiveness per country.

Actual insights on market demand and consumers’ needs show Shimano Fishing

  • The total size of the fishing market per European country
  • Detailed insights on market size, brand popularity and competitor analysis of their specific brand portfolio per country
  • Shimano Fishing brands showed different trends and market developments per country. Also, the competitor analysis showed remarkable differences per country.
  • Focusing on more detailed brand association, some countries showed higher interest in rods, while other peaked in reels
  • The type of fish searched for in relation to gear type also differed greatly per region

    Based on the insights Shimano divided the marketing budgets more evenly, increasing the effectiveness of their campaigns. Various updates on market insights and consumer needs show an increasing interest in recreational fishing (post-covid), which has an positive effect on Shimano’s brand portfolio per country.


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