Real-time insights into consumer needs stimulate R&D to improve and innovate

DSM Resins & Functional Materials provides highly-specialized, market-leading products such as resins for use in paints and other industrial applications, and optical fiber coatings. The organization focuses on the B2B segment and has a extensive supply chain from the DSM lab to the final consumer. And although market demand mainly focuses on the B2B market, current insights into market demand and consumer interests are of great value to DSM. It enables them to constantly improve and innovate their products and materials.

Striking insights

  • The growing demand for washable paint has resulted in the development of a resin that paint suppliers can use to produce washable paint.
  • Data showed an increasing demand in ‘mold in the bathroom’. Based on these context insights, special paint is developed that addresses this.
  • Trendata analyzes product reviews on websites of paint (web-) shops. When data of numerous websites – for example – reveal a correlation between a certain type of paint and keywords such as ‘scratches quickly’, DSM approaches the paint manufacturers with a product with a renewed resin. In that way a better paint can be developed and be brought to market.

 Based on the insights, DSM is developing into a valuable knowledge partner. They use the market and consumer insights to share information about product development with paint manufacturers.


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