We believe in the powerful combination of intelligent search data and unprecedented possibilities of AI to answer your questions

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What is re/search?

We discover market trends before they’re trending. Have a deep understanding of consumer needs, before the world knows. We provide real time insights on market demand by using artificial intelligence.

87% of all consumers do their online research before making an important decision for a purchase. The digital footprint they leave behind is actual and infinite. Our proprietary methodology uses search and social data to understand how consumer needs and trends are evolving. It enriches internal data, reflects market potential and uncovers blind spots. It answers business questions you didn’t think could be answered. Trendata presents unique insights based on actual demand.

AI-Powered intelligence platform

1 — Internet data

We use billions of search queries and social data from all over the world. This descriptive, quantitative and qualitative data shows us how consumer needs and trends are evolving.

2 — Capture

With our proprietary software, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) we capture all relevant queries of the past 4 years - synonyms and related subjects included.

3 — Classify

By using machine learning technology, we categorize millions of queries into unique, real time insights.

4 — Analyze

We combine our deep understanding of search with intelligent data capability to answer your question.

5 — Visualise

We project real time insights into a user friendly dashboard or API. And provide you with regular reports that support your business challenge(s).

what you get


The outputs of the analysis are presented in an interactive dashboard that you can use to explore and filter insights.


Trendata delivers a detailed report with figures and conclusions.


You can acces our data and insights directly via an API to implement it in your existing BI environment.

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