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Insights for purchasing - A data driven match between supply and demand

What is re/search?

As a leader in data driven category management, we help our clients to better match supply and demand based on real time market insights and predictive analytics. A data driven procurement strategy enables you to offer products and services your customer is waiting for.   Trendata uses AI to chart big search data and transforms it into valuable insights that outsmart traditional market research and trend reports. Our clients use our solution to predict trends, configure to order quickly, reduce waste, keep stock to a minimal level and prevent unnecessary purchasing or product development.


Full insights on your industry


Full insights on your industry

Demand driven procurement

We can provide you with the information to manage your brand in a demand-driven way.

Market Growth and potential / Growth benchmarking 

By analysing the market demand, we can identify potential new markets for existing products, or new products for existing markets.

Uncover blind spots & white spots

We can challenge your internal data focus with the outside-in demand for your products/services, to identify missing products/services.

Insights in product demand

We can give you insights in the specific product demand to see which topics are most valuable for your audience. 

Assortment optimization

With our analyses, we can identify potential decreasing and increasing product/service demands.

Geographic Market Potential

By knowing the complete market demand for a product/service, you can see the potential per geographical region, and how this developed.

Trend Patterns

We can identify trends in your market so you can respond to customer needs at the right time.

Our consulting services


Discover what your audience wants. We help you spot market trends and customer needs before they’re trending.


Uncover new business opportunities. We help you translate the insights into new business opportunities.


Unlock your new opportunities We help you translate into actionable insights to realize double-digit growth.

Do you ever wonder?

How does my brand popularity compare to my competitors?

What’s the market demand for this specific product category?

What’s our specific share of search on this category in that specific country?

What’s the market demand for our business proposition?

What’s the market demand for this specific product category?

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