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What is re/search?

The future of marketing is demand driven. The challenge for every strategic marketeer is to stay relevant. Moment to moment, throughout the full customer journey. Trendata knows what your audience is looking for. Our solution processes billions of queries from all relevant search engines worldwide into real time insights on market trends, brand popularity, share of search, competitor analysis and campaign effectiveness.   Our clients use our solution to improve their marketing performance, obtain a better understanding of their brand position and develop award winning strategies for brand growth. They are able to translate real time insights into data driven content marketing strategies, achieve digital transformation goals and improve their future marketing.


Your market in scope


Your market in scope

Brand Monitoring

By analysing the complete market demand over the past four years, you can monitor how your brand performed.

Brand Associations

By seeing the demand, you can understand all brand associations people have with your brand, and how your brand is perceived.

Competitor Analysis

By analysing your competitors, you are able to better understand your own brand performance and development in the past 4 years.

Share­­­ of Search

This metric gives you insight into the percentage of the audience that is already familiar with your brand and searches you online.

Market Demand

By analysing the market demand, we can identify potential new markets for existing products, or new products for existing markets.

Uncover Blind- & White spots

We can challenge your internal data focus with the outside-in demand for your products/services, to identify missing products/services.

Product Information

We can check whether you provide the correct information at the right time in the customer journey.

Demand Driven Content

We can create demand-driven content that suits your target audience’s needs perfectly based on our analyses.

USP benchmarking

We are able to see what is important to your audience. This allows you to realign your unique selling points to topics that matter.

Insights in product demand

We can give you insights in the specific product demand to see which topics are most valuable for your audience.

Channel Analysis

We can analyse your online performance to see how you perform against your competitors.

Geographic Market Potential

By knowing the complete market demand for a product/service, you can see the potential per geographical region, and how this developed.

Customer Journey Insights

By understanding the center of gravity for the online market demand, you can provide a better customer journey.

Trend Patterns

We can identify trends in your market so you can respond to customer needs at the right time.

How sustainable is the market demand?

This information helps you to check your own proposition, and make you aware of the latest green trends in the market.

Our consulting services


Discover what your audience wants. We help you spot market trends and customer needs before they’re trending.


Uncover new business opportunities. We help you translate the insights into new business opportunities.


Unlock your new opportunities We help you translate into actionable insights to realize double-digit growth.

Do you ever wonder?

How does my brand popularity compare to my competitors?

What’s the total market demand for my business proposition?

Is this the right time and market to introduce a new product?

What’s the market demand for this specific product?

Which channels use our audience to orientate themselves?

Can I get 360° insights on this campaign performance?

What’s our specific share of search on this category in that specific country?

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